October 2, 2011


I was in Sportsgirl the other day (how strange I NEVER shop there) and saw that half the store was decked out in all these electric colour blocked clothes and the other half was all floral and light and whimsical. It's part of there "which side of the bed did you get out of?" campaign, which I think is just a brilliant idea. It gives them the oppurtunity to sell two massive trends and us the opportunity to mix everything up. 

Anyway I saw this painting the other day on BOOOOOOOM and it just made me think of how colour blocking is such a huge trend at the moment but I dont usually see interesting colour combinations that I like...except for in this painting which I love. 

Painting by Santiago Salvadore
Sportsgirl pants and shirt
Ellery Guillotine boots. 

Santiago Salvador

Jeff Hamada

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