July 9, 2012

Seung Mo Park

These portrait/sculptures by Seung Mo Park are so gorgeous. He projects the image onto layers of wire mesh, then slowly clips away to reveal the positive image and the result is insane!

My Inner Child

Loves everything glittery, sparkly and gem encrusted, it's getting a bit weird now. Must. Be. Mature. In my defence; the tackier, the better, cos it's funny. 

New shit. 

The NYX glitter. Love it. 

June 24, 2012


As the title of this important post suggests, I'm one confused lil hussy atm. Only because I've been thinking about this particular issue as a way of avoiding any actual important things that need doing. But, this is a big deal bros! 

Melbourne is fucking cold at the moment, I mean like, it's not snowing in the city but it's defs snowing somewhere because it's fucking winter and it's fucking cold and since uni holidays have commenced most my friends have gone back to Darwin where it's always hot and I'm super jealous. Also, I keep reading this Marissa A Ross girls blog READIT and looking at her Tumblr LOOKITHERE and all I want to do is lay my white ass out in the sun. No doubt I would end up severely burnt, but I would be warm. So warm.

SO my actual dilemma is that I have always thought that I was the type of girl who loved to rug up, feel the crisp winter air on my face and be able to wear scarves and beanies without looking a douche. It seems I am this girl as long as the heater is on constantly so I never actually have to BE cold. 
I have always been firmly against constant heat i.e. Darwin, couldn't wait to get to Melbourne and now I cant wait to get to NYC for christmas but the ol' mind is a changin'.

  Currently sitting in front of my 70s made heater (which is costing me $100 per minute to run) I'm thinking maybe this Melbourne weather just ain't for me, maybe I belong in the sunshine. Or maybe I should just shut up and look at these pictures instead because heat RADIATES from them. 
Ahhhh, Cali, I see you soon.