October 6, 2011

Dee Double-yew by YEEZY.

Kanye West launched his first fashion collection (Dw, after his mother Donda West) at Paris fashion week recently. You wouldn't know it by looking at it on account of all the fur and leather, but it was a spring/summer collection. I would be so hot in those clothes, literally. Mabs for autumn Kanye.

For a celebrity fashion collection, I thought he did pretty well though. It reminded me of a paired down Balmain and while there weren't any really interesting ideas presented it was clear he was making a real effort to produce something serious. The collection was nowhere near a complete bomb out... like Lindsay Lohan's, but I dont think he was quite to the Olsen twins or Victoria Beckham standard either.

The main thing that was wrong, besides from weird material choices for the season was that nothing seemed to fit right, pants too long, tops too big and odd shapes. The good parts made me think of what Kanye would want his woman to wear. Sexy, strong and elegant pieces all paired with a big phat Yeezy nameplate necklace. I would so wear one of those. 

Love the image on the hoody, don't love the weird helmet shape. Still, wicked jacket.
1 point.

Kanye, why would any woman want a giant furry humpback strapped onto them? I do like the fur though, it would make for a nice big jacket instead of an oversized backpack. The dress is good. 
1 point.  

Baaaad pants, aight tops. 

He can have 2 points for the black and gold outfit because besides from the ill fitting crotch the pants are pretty cool. 1 point for the sexy top and nothing for that skirt, you lose points for risking actual vagina flash Mr West, those slits are dangerous. 

Actually like this, with the belty thing underneath but again WAI SO BIG?

2 points. Yay! the black leather and fur look is always good in my eyes but FARK those shoes are ugly.

Yes, I like my new jeans to look like I've been rolling around in dirt.
2 points for the jacket, it's pretty awesome. 

Hiding from the paparazzi? Perhaps he isn't sure if he wants the cred now. 

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