September 19, 2011

shiny shiny gangsta.

I would like any of these items. Especially the Theory green pants, I can't put my finger on it but they remind me of that shiny paper or stickers or something, something shiny that I loved when I was little. 

1. Topshop Unique. 
2. Alexander Wang.
3. Balmain. 
4. Diesel.
5. Diesel.
6. Diesel.
7. Diesel.
8. Theyskens Theory.
9. Theyskens Theory.
10. Theyskens Theory.
11. Topshop Unique.

September 18, 2011

Shiny pretty things.

Christopher Kane. God he's good.

Baby in the summer time.

Cristopher Kane


Nutella and Spliff

This is my sunday, ain't it spesh? I gots mah chamomile tea, nutella, fashion blogs and mah Weeds. The TV show. So freakin good. Plus MK Olsen is in it! I love the Olsen twins! Also, my jumper soaked up the smell of smoke from last night / this morning so when I close my eyes and breathe in I can imagine im sharing a spliff with Silus. Trolololol. He's so cute. 

Actually I'm very relaxed right now. Good night last night and I have all of next week off uni to finish my assignments WHICH I WILL DO and to chill. Aaaahhhhh.

September 16, 2011

Lindsay's T. My jeans.

Adventure Boots

Things would happen. 



Friend of Mine


These are my favourites from Ellery's last 3 collections. I love that Kym Ellery knows her style and keeps it strong each season, so that every collection blends together really nicely. 

September 9, 2011


We still have about 4 months left of the year and I am already itching to go somewhere. I've felt really frustrated all day actually, cant be fucked doing my uni work or anything productive. I really want to go somewhere, not on a holiday necessarily, but just go somewhere and DO SOMETHING. I would take photos, paint and draw, work even (yes parents) and if I'm really going to do it like the photos show I'll have a boy with me too (sorry parents).

I cannot get enough of these photos, they look like those spur of the moment pictures that end up being the best. I'm a sucker for anything that makes me feel nostalgic and these definitely do that. I love the graininess and the fading of the soft light So beautiful. They are exactly the type of photos I would love to take myself. So really, I NEED to do some travelling again, it would productive!

Marija Strajnic

Marija Strajnic

Travis Summer Deuel

Ryan Thomas Kenny

Travis Summer Deuel

Ryan Thomas Kenny

Daniel Gebhartde Koekkoek

Rogier Houwen

This last one is sort of how I have felt today, a head full of clouds, just not so calm like.