June 18, 2012

Be a Friend Of Mine?

Firstly, what a clever title. 

I saw these Friend of Mine boots months and months ago and have been trying to find them ever since. It is possible that I had a premonition of their existence because I swear it was last year and they are too awesome to be kept secret for that long. To the story, today I just happened to go to NASTYGAL only to see those glorious metal cross heels gleaming back at me. I was seriously waiting for someone to yell "TA DA!!!". 
"OH MY GOD! I FOUND THOSE SHOES I WANTED!" is what I screamed to my male housemate, who doesn't care. 

But I care, I also care that they are going to be way beyond my weekly waste money (alcohol, burgers and taxies) limit. What's ridiculous is that I finally got my JC Tardy boots and already I feel that empty space opening up again. You know, the one that can only be filled by that must have material possession? Pathetic. Although, I am still over the moon with the Tardy boots, I have broken them in and didn't even twist my ankle in the process. + 10 points to the Tardy boots. 
So here is what they look like for any girl out there who has not visited NastyGal yet and been assaulted by endless "Wish List" items. 

 On another note, this is cool. 

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