March 29, 2012

Sixpack Francais

Stumbled across the online store Sixpack France today. My love of (guys) T-shirts will be continually fuelled now, they have so many cool t-shirts with really interesting print designs by a whole bunch of graphic designers and artists. Below are a few of my fave t-shirts, that one by Fuzi is so awesome and the Dr. Dre one. They seem to have some wicked collaborations under their belt, most recently with Jonathan Zawada who has also collaborated with ASOS.

Steven Harrington

Kevin Carpio


Machine 17

I couldn't find any of these designs by Jonas Delaborde on T-shirts, but man that would be great.
Check out their site and blog here

March 28, 2012

Sky Ferreira

This is how my hair is gettign done nest time, but with more brown on the top.

Girl has some wicked hair...and clothes. Her music a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but apparently she's going more "Blondie" so that should be interesting.
She's had a pretty awesome life so far. I mean, growing up around MJ, getting signed to a record label at 15 AND starring in a movie seems alright. She kinda looks high all the time but I think she makes it work, you know?

March 27, 2012

House of dreams.

More on the dream home. I imagine this one to be floating on a pink cloud somewhere near Care Bear land, part hotel, part barbie mansion. Imagine the parties! Kate Moss could come over and pose on my bed any time.

Painting by Alyson Von. So amazing.

Me at one my parties. Drinking coke of course.

Valley Of The Dolls.

Bullett has done a pretty great job with this editorial.
It's a theme I've seen a lot, especially after that sexy as Prada collection, but this one just feels a little bit new.
Starring Ehren Dorsey and Anna-Maria Nemetz it was photographed by Greta Ilieva and styled by
John William.
I really love that bathroom shot and the make up.

March 21, 2012


I write for another blog now.

Well, I have written one article, but I also made the picture! I am quite proud of it. It was obviously inspired by the fashion collages that were in Russh, I.D and Oyster after all the fashion weeks this year. I particularly loved the ones in Oyster, but you know what? I think a whole bunch of collages done in my style would make for quite cool mag pages. I really should be offered a job at any of the above magazines as my talent is clearly an asset that should be snapped right up. : D

Back to the point. Stalker, which has been around in blog form for a while now, is soon being launched into full on, hard copy magazine form too. And hopefully, a few articles and artworks from yours truly will be featured in each issue.

The goal is a youthful, funny, artistic and relevant content filled  look at the happenings of Melbourne and it's funky inhabitants, only the cool ones but, created with the likes of Bats (which I love) and Vice in mind. So it should be good and you should probably check it out.

The mags first issue is scheduled for release some time real soon but while you wait, get your fix at The Ellery article is mine, duh.

March 14, 2012

Birthday Presents For Me!

Okay, so it's just over a month away until I actually turn 21, but I am already thinking about what I want. This requires some serious consideration. I’m usually thinking about what new items I want for my wardrobe but since I’m turning 21, it’s actually plausible that I can get some. 21 is a big b-day and therefore I should get EVERYTHING in the world that I like. Right? Right. So in the spirit of birthday greediness here is my birthday wish list, in no particular order.
All of this is possible by the way, you just have to believe!

Believe believe believe believe ......

A Bengal Kitten

This Wildfox Hoodie (and wig)

Wildfox T-Shirt
Wildfox Jumper (Looks worth $200 right)

 Jil Sander sexiness.

MUST HAVE the Friend Of Mine and Betina Liano boots,
Have been lusting for months.

 Style Stalker snake bite leggings. And this chicks pins.

A crisp white dress. Im really picky about this, it's got to be perfect.


Alexander Wang

And some sexy strappy heels to go with it.
These Topshop ones will siffice.

Chloe jacket. Looks so soft and comfy and warm and perfectly oversized.

This entire outfit from A Wang please.

Wouldnt mind these two either. Especially the peach fur jacket and those sparkly pink pants. I love the mixture of luxurious materials here.

Aaaand this insane in the membrane wardrobe. Seriously, Carrie Bradshaws closet pales in comparison, this looks like Barbie Narnia.

Whoever gets me Matt Corby is officially the best friend that ever lived. Ever.

That's it! Nothing too crazy, I'm an easily pleased gal.