October 27, 2011

Partying with Beyonce.

HOLY SHIT BALLS! LIKE SERIOUSLY! I don't understand how Beyonce keeps pulling out these freakin' amazing film clips and songs! With the exception of the girls who rule the world or whatever, that just didn't do it for me. But I just....I just love her soooooo much. She is so talented it's ridiculous. 
This film clip for Party has so much old school hip hop, classic cool going on that I just wish Biggy were still alive because FUCK OFF J. COLE (The album version has Andre 3000, but not the clip. Wai? Hat J. Mole) I can totally imagine him rapping in this. He liked to party.
The clothes, the make up, her hair, the clothes! So beautiful it actually made me sad I don't live in a trailer park because it looks like so much fun!

Can't figure out how to make a nice big clip so here is the link CLICK TO PARTY

Have to mention the clip for Love On Top too. Does this remind anybody else of an old SpiceGirls type clip or something??? In a really awesome way. Lovveee it.

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