August 22, 2011


Cami and Nadia from DI$COUNT are probably my biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging. They started in 2009 after graduating from fashion at RMIT (HERE IN MELBZ) and have been posting about whatever they want since, as well as getting their label up and running. You know when something is so bad its good? I.e. the movie "The Room" = Masterpiece. Well, their clothes are kinda like that. Everything is BRIGHT Aand studded and used looking. They have some pretty wicked taste.  If I had ze body to pull it off, I would wear everything. I know I say "cool" all the time but these clothes have that real torn and worn "coolness" to them.
Check out the blog here and the shop here
and a few of my faves here!

The dream.

I have a problem, when I'm older and have a successful career that has subsequently made me loaded with cash I will want to have lots and lots of animals. I will make a list.
2 horses. A jet black stallion and an all white mare.
3 house kitty cats, all different kinds. 
1 dog. A big, beautiful fluffy husky or german shepherd cross husky. 
1 Leopard.... Ever since watching Aladdin as a kid I have always wanted a wild cat. I know Jasmine has a Lion but I adore Leopards. I don't take him from his home or anything. Here is how I end up with a Leopard. It's a beautiful story.
I am on a trip to Africa helping to run/build wild life reserves when one day we discover a baby leopard whose family has been killed by poachers. We take him back to the reserve to try and integrate him with other leopards but he is rejected. I am responsible for the care of the little bubba and we form an unbreakable bond over the next couple of months. When it comes time for me to go back home (possibly New York by then) I am faced with the problem of what to do with baby Leopard. The wildlife reserve cannot keep him for some legit reason and so I simply must take him home with me to my giant estate. I make all the necessary arrangements and it is settled. I fly home with now growing leopard and live happily ever after.

OR I could just get one of those Bengal cats. Probs more realistic. 

Now, here is the problem (besides wanting a domesticated Leopard) I also want to live in the city. How am I going to do this!?!?!??! I think I'm going to need an inner city pent house apartment and then a mini palace with big beautiful grounds out in the country, but not too far away. Still gotsta get mah partay awn.

Got this photo off someones Tumblr. It's awesome, I wish i knew what was going on.

 I'm not sure who took this photo, but something about it really struck me. I think it's the way they are looking at each other, cant put my finger on it. It's gorgeous though.

Rock Kitty

Beautiful dog we found at the Portobello Markets in London. 

Beautiful dog we found in Pisa. 

Crazier than a bag of fuckin' angel dust.

Must. Wear. Out.

August 21, 2011


Last year I went away to Europe for 2 months with the gurlz. For one month we did a Contiki tour, which was a blast, and then for the next month we just traveled around on our own. As a result of being hungover for 50% percent of the trip and being cheapo backpackers, a lot of burgers were consumed. A lot of McDonalds especially. It became a subconscious tradition on the trip. New Country/City? New Burger. 
One might call it the Burger Tour of Europe. Or the BTW, closely resembling the BLT. A type of burger. 
It was an extremely fun trip but obviously I returned to Australia as a more roley poley girl than I was before. The point is that I had these jeans that I wore all the time in Europe, they were loose at the beginning, actually loose. But as the trip got on, the jeans got harder and harder to....get on. So basically I haven't even bothered with them for quite some time. UNTIL....yesterday I pulled them on and OH JOY THEY FIT! I am very pleased, very very pleased. Still a tad snug but we'll get there. 


Aren't they cool jeans? No they didn't rip because my knees got fat, they're just cool like that. 

Also, I noticed these nice colour arrangements in my tiny ass uni room wardrobe.

August 17, 2011

Purple Harr Harr

It's not as purple as I wanted but still. cool!


I'm just sitting on my bed, in my room, waiting for my hair to dry before I make it wet again. 'Why are you going to wet it again?" I hear you ask. "WHY?". Well, I'll tell you. I have just re-dyed it again. Purple underneath and pink on the top. Man it's going to look cool.  So. Cool. So, while I wait I'm watching Full Metal Panic and drinking chamomile tea. The stuff is the best. Not only is it deliciously refreshing and fragrant, it also has a long list of benefits. Here are some:
  • Chamomile tea boosts the immune system and fights infections associated with colds
  • Chamomile tea relieves muscle spasms and menstrual cramps (I dunno..)
  • Chamomile tea relaxes the nerves
  • Chamomile tea soothes the stomach
  • Chamomile tea reduces inflammation
  • Chamomile tea improves liver function
  • Chamomile tea helps relieve back pain
  • Chamomile tea helps relieve rheumatism

    Chamomile tea makes you caaaaaaaallllmmmmm. ahhhhhhhhhh.

    I'll upload some photos of mah harr when its dry.

August 13, 2011


My Dolce and Gabbana lipstick and gloss are finally getting some useage. You can amp it up for night time-play time, or for day I just use the gloss and dab it on so it looks stained.
The Topshop glitter is cool too. I just put on some clear gloss and then dabbed the glitter on.

August 12, 2011


The last weekend of the holidays was the bomb. Lindsay and I went to Splendour In The Grass for the second year in a row and just had the best time. It was 3 exhausting but amazing days. It's such a good festival. As soon as you walk under the big Splendour entrance sign you feel excited and full of energy. There is so much to see and do there that you just cant fit everything in! I'm happy with seeing the bands and dancing in the bar but I would love to go to the day spa and do some shopping and explore everything one year.
The last 2 days we were pretty seedy in the mornings but we just forgot about it once we had a few cocktails at the Smirnoff Exchange Bar and a boogy in the Mix-Up tent.
I finally saw Modest Mouse live and even though they didn't quite meet my very high expectations (perhaps due to the lack of their usual guitarist) I still loved every minute of their set. Also, James Blake was awesome and Warpaint and Coldplay and of course Kanye. Cannot wait until next year.
Slendiferous Fizz Cocktail

The crowd

The Middle East

Funkiest dancer I ever saw.
Ripoff dranks