November 9, 2011


About a week ago mum called me and told me that my dads mum, my nana, had passed away. She died very peacefully in the hospital with my dad and his brother Geoff by her side. She was too proud, stubborn and selfless to get to the age where she would be dependant on other people all the time, so I think the fact that she passed away so peacefully says that she was ready. She was 93 after all, and has lead an extraordinary life. Imagine the massive changes that she would have witnessed over those 93 years! It's crazy to think what that would have been like.
So, the last 5 days I've been in Adelaide with the family, celebrating her life with the family. It was really hot and sunny the entire time we were there, which was perfect because we are usually there to have christmas with her and it just felt like those times a bit. 
I took some photos of the garden at her friend Margo's house and also at a Brooks family house in the hills, I just wanted to capture the feeling of being in the balmy suburbs with the fam fam. 

Classic bangers with a twist. Watermelon and fetta salad, so good. 

 A Rosemary Rose. 

 Amaaaaazing orange cake (with tonnes of cream, mah bad)

Ted indulging in some man time amongst the flowers. 

Bits of Buckland.


November 1, 2011


I usually can't be effed playing with my hair, unless it's a braid. They're just so easy and fun to muck around with. 
Here are me faves.

October 27, 2011

Partying with Beyonce.

HOLY SHIT BALLS! LIKE SERIOUSLY! I don't understand how Beyonce keeps pulling out these freakin' amazing film clips and songs! With the exception of the girls who rule the world or whatever, that just didn't do it for me. But I just....I just love her soooooo much. She is so talented it's ridiculous. 
This film clip for Party has so much old school hip hop, classic cool going on that I just wish Biggy were still alive because FUCK OFF J. COLE (The album version has Andre 3000, but not the clip. Wai? Hat J. Mole) I can totally imagine him rapping in this. He liked to party.
The clothes, the make up, her hair, the clothes! So beautiful it actually made me sad I don't live in a trailer park because it looks like so much fun!

Can't figure out how to make a nice big clip so here is the link CLICK TO PARTY

Have to mention the clip for Love On Top too. Does this remind anybody else of an old SpiceGirls type clip or something??? In a really awesome way. Lovveee it.

October 26, 2011

Lucky pizza coq.

Outfit for pizza with Roza. CAS-U-AL.
I like to look my best for her, gotta keep things hot you know? She'll probably put on some deodorant for me. 

Everything is from Sportsgirl, except the skirt and I'm nto even putting out into the weberverse where that's from. But if you knew someone named Ray and said "Sup" to them, you might...MIGHT....almost be saying the name of the shop. 

October 25, 2011

A girl named Frank.

I only JUST discovered She. Is Frank fashion photography and am seriously in love, forget wishy-washy pastels, blurs and fades, this shit is gooooooood. All her photos are injected with so much colour and vibrancy it's almost overwhelming, but I love it. I also love how the models always seem to be interacting with the photographer, instead of gazing off bored into the distance, you get the sense that they know they're being photographed, they KNOW they're modelling and not just in the right place at the right time looking tremendously hot, so they're having some fun with it! 
Ben Trovato describes her photography as "She Is Frank is inspired by her own fears and emotions. She’s presenting women who exist in a messed up world, but still remain strong and beautiful. Her models are indulging in her fears. Fears about being alone, about living in a world with no water, about being killed, about always being watched, about pissing of mother nature with all our environmental crimes, about our obsession with watching tragic events on the news and about the junk we put in our bodies."
I would agree with this but I would also mention that they are a little bit cheeky, sometimes subtly and sometimes quite obviously. They're making fun or exaggerating certain things that we woman are faced with.
On face value, I just want to BE in these photos! I look at them and I get the urge to paint my eyebrows fluro pink and don some crazy party dress. 

Check out the website here SHE. IS FRANK.

I think this is my favourite. So amazing. 


Charlotte Free is what I imagine dubstep would look like personified. I love her 12 year old punk style, it's all BRIGHT coloured hair, big wacky t shirts and jumpers and tight wacky leggings. She also has a penchant for really strange accessories. She stands out for me amongst other models because of her surprising versatility, you would look at her and think she would only be suited to super edgy looks like Jeremy Scott, but she scrubs up pretty well and looks so stunning in a more classic look too. I have a wee girl crush on her I think, perhaps because she is supposedly "too short" for modelling at 5'7.... I can identify with that you know? That's why I'm not a model....too short.

October 6, 2011

Dee Double-yew by YEEZY.

Kanye West launched his first fashion collection (Dw, after his mother Donda West) at Paris fashion week recently. You wouldn't know it by looking at it on account of all the fur and leather, but it was a spring/summer collection. I would be so hot in those clothes, literally. Mabs for autumn Kanye.

For a celebrity fashion collection, I thought he did pretty well though. It reminded me of a paired down Balmain and while there weren't any really interesting ideas presented it was clear he was making a real effort to produce something serious. The collection was nowhere near a complete bomb out... like Lindsay Lohan's, but I dont think he was quite to the Olsen twins or Victoria Beckham standard either.

The main thing that was wrong, besides from weird material choices for the season was that nothing seemed to fit right, pants too long, tops too big and odd shapes. The good parts made me think of what Kanye would want his woman to wear. Sexy, strong and elegant pieces all paired with a big phat Yeezy nameplate necklace. I would so wear one of those. 

Love the image on the hoody, don't love the weird helmet shape. Still, wicked jacket.
1 point.

Kanye, why would any woman want a giant furry humpback strapped onto them? I do like the fur though, it would make for a nice big jacket instead of an oversized backpack. The dress is good. 
1 point.  

Baaaad pants, aight tops. 

He can have 2 points for the black and gold outfit because besides from the ill fitting crotch the pants are pretty cool. 1 point for the sexy top and nothing for that skirt, you lose points for risking actual vagina flash Mr West, those slits are dangerous. 

Actually like this, with the belty thing underneath but again WAI SO BIG?

2 points. Yay! the black leather and fur look is always good in my eyes but FARK those shoes are ugly.

Yes, I like my new jeans to look like I've been rolling around in dirt.
2 points for the jacket, it's pretty awesome. 

Hiding from the paparazzi? Perhaps he isn't sure if he wants the cred now.