August 21, 2011


Last year I went away to Europe for 2 months with the gurlz. For one month we did a Contiki tour, which was a blast, and then for the next month we just traveled around on our own. As a result of being hungover for 50% percent of the trip and being cheapo backpackers, a lot of burgers were consumed. A lot of McDonalds especially. It became a subconscious tradition on the trip. New Country/City? New Burger. 
One might call it the Burger Tour of Europe. Or the BTW, closely resembling the BLT. A type of burger. 
It was an extremely fun trip but obviously I returned to Australia as a more roley poley girl than I was before. The point is that I had these jeans that I wore all the time in Europe, they were loose at the beginning, actually loose. But as the trip got on, the jeans got harder and harder to....get on. So basically I haven't even bothered with them for quite some time. UNTIL....yesterday I pulled them on and OH JOY THEY FIT! I am very pleased, very very pleased. Still a tad snug but we'll get there. 


Aren't they cool jeans? No they didn't rip because my knees got fat, they're just cool like that. 

Also, I noticed these nice colour arrangements in my tiny ass uni room wardrobe.

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