August 12, 2011

The Big Break.

I've been back in Melbourne and back at uni for a week now. The holidays were soooooo nice. In first semester everything (uni, melbourne, college etc) was so new, it was a lot to deal with. When I got to Darwin I just felt like a weight had been lifted. I'm not usually one to stress, even in year 12, I don't remember ever feeling stressed about anything. I'm pretty laidback luke. But those first 14 weeks were nuts. 
2 months later and I'm back, but everything feels different, like i know what to expect now. I feel prepared and motivated! Hopefully I don't fail any subjects and I get good grades. One of my new classes is photography which I am super excited about. I love photography but to be honest when I'm taking photos I have no idea about the technicalities, so this will be good. Here are some pictures of good ol' chilled D-Town. 

My Rosie Gal

Botts Nachos

 Being chilled n shit by the pool which is by the marina in the sun.

The Marina. 

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