March 28, 2011


I was just at my friends place making the most wicked pasta ever and she happened to have the latest RUSSH mag. This is unusual for her because she is a total gossip mag munger. But she loved it. how could one not? I love how they combine music and fashion and art together, all mixing and creating their unique take on the latest trends (and the old ones). RUSSH truly shows the relationship between music, fashion and art and how one could not function without the other. I am always inspired clothes wise by the music I listen to and people have been for years. The styles of every decade seem to be based on the music that has developed from that generation. But what is so amazing about RUSSH also, is that they have a clear focus on the major influences that the past has had on today. Sigh, it's just so great. Ahem, Jess Blanch I would so work for you.
If my rant has persuaded you at all, here is the website.

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