March 27, 2011

Numero Uno

Ah, this is a bit daunting. I have always loved reading fashion and design blogs and in turn have always wanted to create one of my own. But, all the usual concerns popped up and I got distracted (as I do) and had other stuff to do and etc etc etc... And now finally! Here it is. So bare with me while I figure out how to use this thang becasue what I am aimign for is a simple blog based on all my likes and probably dislikes too. C'mon, who doesnt love a witty ol' whinge? Im really interested in photography, art, graphic design, films and especially fashion. So I guess that's what it will be about!

To begin, here is a picture of what im feelign today. A little bit bad ass and reckless, not so good for a Monday.

Now, I'm off to uni to get some really important stuff done.

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