March 21, 2012


I write for another blog now.

Well, I have written one article, but I also made the picture! I am quite proud of it. It was obviously inspired by the fashion collages that were in Russh, I.D and Oyster after all the fashion weeks this year. I particularly loved the ones in Oyster, but you know what? I think a whole bunch of collages done in my style would make for quite cool mag pages. I really should be offered a job at any of the above magazines as my talent is clearly an asset that should be snapped right up. : D

Back to the point. Stalker, which has been around in blog form for a while now, is soon being launched into full on, hard copy magazine form too. And hopefully, a few articles and artworks from yours truly will be featured in each issue.

The goal is a youthful, funny, artistic and relevant content filled  look at the happenings of Melbourne and it's funky inhabitants, only the cool ones but, created with the likes of Bats (which I love) and Vice in mind. So it should be good and you should probably check it out.

The mags first issue is scheduled for release some time real soon but while you wait, get your fix at The Ellery article is mine, duh.

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