May 11, 2011

I don't even know.

Seriously, nothing to write about right now. Except I think I could complain for about 5 long paragraphs about the shit load of uni work I have to do at the moment. I hope when I'm a qualified and extremely talented graphic designer its fun, because right now it aint. mate.
Here is some art I think is pretty awesome.
Makes me wish I was doing a more painty artsy degree. You know, because that's such an easy course.


The first three are some gorgeous collage images I found on somebody's Tumblr. The fourth is by Justin Lee Williams, the fifth is one of my faves Ben Quilty and the last three are by one of my most favorite artists ever Camille Rose Garcia, man she is sooo good. Also the last one is by yours truly. Yay me!

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