February 6, 2012


Now that I am a professional working woman, slogging away 9 to 5 (8:45 to 5:15) for The Man, I believe I need a LARGE wardrobe re-vamp. My ripped and studded jeans hold no place here, I cannot wear my little busty summer dresses; no one appreciates that shit here. This is a professional, conservative place of work! Plus they have a big hole in the crotch and I just think that would be taking the office slut title to a whole new level.
What I need is clean crisp separates, perfect for interesting layering, matched with simple and shiny accessories to spice things up. Where else to look for inspiration than Celine?
Phoebe Philo has tapped into an extremely profitable market, the working class woman who isn't interested in a boring ass suit but still wants to look professional, elegant and dare I say it...edgy. She's a bit of a genius that Philo. Every season she creates is perfectly in tune with what we working woman want and need in our ever expanding work wardrobe.
Leather pieces and interesting yet simple silhouettes have become a bit of a signature for the brand. You can always tell when a piece is from Celine. It’s a pretty great achievement for a designer to have created such a recognisable brand in such a short amount of time as head designer. BUT I would expect nothing less from the former designer behind Chloe.
Here are a few of the peices I adore in the summer and spring ready to wear collections.
PS: I'm writing this while at work. Hard at work.

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You should know that you're fired.
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